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We Specialize in Correcting the Environments
that Promote Termite & Dry Rot Damage.

Termites, With Blue Knight

We Replace Termites and Dry Rot Damaged Wood.
Patio Covers, Fascia Board, Starter Board, Rafter Tails, Decorative Beams.

We work only with Termite operators and applicators who meet the standards of Blue Knight Construction.

Termites Be Gone:
We are a General and Roofing Contractor.  At almost four decades, Blue Knight Construction holds the distinction of one of the longest in business of all Termite Damage Wood Repair contractors in Orange County.

We're not just another Orange County Contractor. BLUE KNIGHT Construction established in 1980, has helped refine the Termite and Wood Rot repair industry throughout Orange County for almost four decades. There are many good contractors with high standards and good intentions, some of whom do a fine job, but too often others fall short, you've heard the stories.

Part of the problem with this industry is a lack of understanding of the weather proofing mechanisms which create environments that promote Dry Rot and attract Termites. Believe it or not, the local and national guidelines for exterior carpentry, are extremely flawed when it comes to weather resistance. At TERMITES BE GONE, we exceed national standards by far. We practice higher standards as defined by us.

We Truly Set The Bar...

Consumer Tip 1:
The Lower the Lic #, The Longer In Business.
Check Our Lic. 452151 and 390685
COMPAIR AT THE CSLB , www.cslb.ca.gov 

Consumer Tip 2:
It is Unlawful for a Roofing Contractor to Provide Wood Repair Services
With the following Exceptions:  
a) He also carries a framers or general contractors license. (Class B or C5)
b) He hires or subs out to the properly licensed contractor. (Class B or C5)
c) The woodwork is a minor part of a larger roofing project.
See CSLB License Classifications at www.cslb.ca.gov.

Termite Repair can be avoided by correcting roof leaks.

Termites Ge Gone, WHERE IT STARTS..

Termites and Wood Rot often starts with reoccuring dampness..

An important part of Termite and Dry Rot Wood Replacement is to correct the flaws that caused the damage in the first place. Common Causes are Leaky Roofs and poor weather proofing techniques on Windows, Fascia Boards and Patio Covers.

In Orange County, homeowners including myself are constantly faced with the daunting task of maintenance on our homes, Termite and Dry Rot Repair are at the top of the list. Sometimes it seems like the upkeep on our house is never ending, and expensive repairs become necessary much too often. As both a contractor and an Orange County homeowner I feel that when home repairs do come up, it's very important to also find and fix the root causes of them. I'ts very important to eliminate the environments that cause reoccurring Wood Rot and Termite  infestations.

Termites and Dry Rot are a result of reoccurring contact with water or dampness. Roof leaks, siding leaks and exposed wood such as patio covers, fascia boards and decorative wood beams are a major source. We propose that when it comes time for major wood repairs, you should also consider having the contractor correct the flaws that caused the problems in the first place.

We are experts in this field. We would not only replace the damaged wood but we can also trace down and eliminate the causes, thus reducing or stopping reoccurrences. We have served Orange County since 1980. We have unique and innovative weatherproofing solutions.

At TERMITES BE GONE BLUE KNIGHT, we are not guided by the National Termite Repair Guidelines, we exceed them by far. We practice higher standards as defined by us, from many years of accurately interpreting what causes Termite environments.  

We Truly Set The Bar...

Termites Be Gone, THE LICENSE
The California Contractor's State License law requires contractors to display their license number prominently along with all advertising. A wise consumer should make a note of the termite repair contractors license number when shopping. It's also a good idea to check it with the Contractors State License Board, for the following: Date issued, Insurance, employees, Disciplinary actions, etc...
A very important bit of data is how long they've in business under that particular license number. No excuses should be accepted like "we were in business under another number before". The current License number is the only one relevant to you, because that is the number and business you are dealing with currently. A Termite Licensee must be licensed by the California Consumer Affairs, Structural Pest Control Board.

Termites Blue Knight, THE CONTRACT
In California, the terms of all home improvement projects over $500 (combined material and labor costs) must be in a contract and include specific information about your consumer rights and responsibilities. This contract is the most important communication tool between you and your contractor; it should identify all project expectations to help avoid misunderstandings. 

Established in 1980, TERMITES BE GONE BLUE KNIGHT is One of the longest in business of all Termite Contractors in Orange County as evidenced by our license numbers, (390685) (452151). We provide the best quality and most thorough Termite & Wood Rot Repair in Orange County. We really do!! We have the highest skilled Carpenters, because we start with a no experience employee without the baggage of the extremely flawed blow-n-go industry, and train them our techniques from the ground up.