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TERMITES ALISO VIEJOAliso Viejo Termite Repair, With Blue Knight

Aliso Viejo residents, we know that you have many choices of Termite Repair Contractors, and we appreciate your consideration. It is our privilege to serve this beautiful and gracious community.

We provide the following Termite Repair Services throughout Aliso Viejo, CA:
Wood and Aluminum Termite Repair, Repairs, Termite, Termite, Rebuilds, New Installs.

We offer true quality craftsmenship (as defined by us), because we train our termite fumigation and wood rot repair craftsmen from the ground up, without the baggage of poor industry techniques. We will prove that you made the right decision throughout the job and not just during a sales pitch.

Our Aliso Viejo Termite Repair are constructed with unsurpassed weather proofing techniques. We do not just paint and nail the wood. We use our own weather proofing techniques that will provide years of trouble free enjoyment that will outlast our competitors by far. Your existing wood patio has termite and termites because of poor weather proofing techniques. If you want a different result this time, it needs a different design. It needs Blue Knight.

Why We Love Crafting our Termite Repair in Aliso Viejo:
We particularly enjoy working and crafting our Termite Repair in Aliso Viejo because of its friendly people, beautiful views, temperate weather and proximity to Home Depot, Lowe’s and the Toll Road.

We also enjoy our recreation in Aliso Viejo for its beautiful Golf Course, Hiking trails, Parks, Athletic Fields, Movie Theater, Shopping, Restaurants and Special events. One of the best features of Aliso Viejo however is the proximity to, and views of the ocean. I admire the grand Cedar Deodora Trees that were planted on most of the main street corners throughout the city of Aliso Viejo.

Aliso Viejo is Orange County's 34th city as of 2001. Once part of the Molton Ranch and owned by the Molton family in the 1890's and originally by the Mexican government in 1842. Aliso Viejo was the first community in California to plan a balance between the projected resident work force and the number of projected jobs with its borders (wikipedia).

Here is a link to the city website http://www.cityofalisoviejo.com/.
City hall is located at: 12 Journey, Suite 100 Aliso Viejo, CA. 92656-5335 949.425.2500